They stole her throne. Vengeance will steal her soul.

As a child, Genevieve watched her family die and her throne crumble. Sir Alexander, Queen’s Guard, stole her away to safety, before she could be next. Now she lives in exile, an aging Alexander her only connection to the changing world. Vengeance fuels her obsession with the dark arts. Then the visits stop.

Sir Alexander harbors a secret. On his deathbed, he reveals the whereabouts of Princess Genevieve, long thought dead at the hands of the Crimson King. With his dying breath, he swears his son, Alex’s, fealty to the rightful heir of Romedov.

When word arrives that the Jade King is letting Genevieve’s people starve to death, she must go to them. Unsure of her powers, and out of touch with the world, Genevieve sets out to destroy those who plotted against her. To do so, she must come face to face with the cabal who murdered her family and thought they murdered her.

With the intrigue of A Court of Thorns and Roses, the wrath of Ash Princess and the shock of Shatter Me, pick up the first installment of the Reign series now.
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