Who Knew You Could Architecture a Book? Well, I Do Now!

I think most authors have a ton of reference material lying about. I’m no exception. Book Architecture has been my ‘go to’ book for story structure. I use it during every phase of writing from brainstorming to writing to editing to marketing. Yep, even marketing.

I absolutely love this book! It transformed the way I write!

About a year ago I decided to finally pick up my partial manuscript of Epoch Earth; The Great Glitch. I'd stuffed it in a drawer somewhere and life went on. But it just kept nibbling at the back of my mind.

One day I came across this book, either on a website or some writing forum. The reviews were great, so I ordered it. The day it arrived (yes good old-fashioned paper copy. That’s how I get all my reference materials.) I dived right in.

The advice he gave was fantastic! It applied to any genre. It even picked apart books I loved, like The Great Gatsby. Everything he said made perfect sense. I won’t dare try to do it justice here, but the nuts and bolts of it is series iterations. If you have something important you want your readers to remember, repeat it. Track it through your chapters and scenes, even the up and down roller coaster ride it takes, and make sure you touch on it enough through the entire book.

I ran Epoch Earth through his methods, changed quite a few things, and broke out my handy color coding kit. One of these days I’ll let you guys in on my coloring system.

When I was finished I had a much clearer picture of where I wanted to go with Epoch. The characters spoke to me. The themes were well defined. And best of all, the rest of the first draft basically wrote itself!

Now I’m finishing up book 2, Epoch Gliese; Mass Exodus and the process was so much simpler this time around. I knew what I needed to do. I mapped out as much as possible (as much as I knew beforehand), using the Book Architecture method, and made sure I knew my themes inside and out.

Little things you don’t even realize are important when you write them can turn out to be very important to the reader. This system can show you how to hit the reader where it hurts. Don’t worry, they like it.

So,if you're struggling with your first draft (or 31st) or if you've always wanted to write and were worried you didn't have the skill, please do yourself a favor and pick up Book Architecture.

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