I’ve Been a Bad Bad Girl

That moment when you brag about how many words you write per day and then stop writing any words at all… ever. Yeah, that’s where I am right now and it’s the worst!

OK, Maybe Not That Bad

I’ve always had a good track record with my word counts...if you play the long game. When I was ghostwriting, I’d crank out 30k words in 2 weeks, then turn right around and do it again. Sometimes I think that’s a younger woman’s game, but that’s a story for another post.

Other times, each word, comma, or letter barely oozed out of me. That’s where I find myself now.

Since I left ghostwriting to focus on my own work, productivity has dropped off a bit. I’m still hitting deadlines. That’s just in my nature. I don’t think I could live with myself if I missed a deadline. The problem is, I’m rather sporadic these days.

But Wait, I Have an Excuse!

You see, right after I bragged about my dedication to writing every single day and how productive I am and an all around awesome human being… I broke my laptop. Karma thy revenge is sweet.

With my massive hubris in place, I charged forward undaunted. Writing by hand has always been a pleasure for me. Maybe it was time to dictate more. This could be a new lease on my extra productive life.

Yeah...no. The novelty of writing by hand wore off real quick when it was my only choice. Dictating into Google Docs was slightly infuriating. And every time I woke up super early to steal computer time, the dogs left me a present in the hallway that required my immediate attention.

Do It Anyway

But, you know what? I’m still writing every day. Even the days that suck. I may only get 200 words closer to my goal, sitting in the car before work, typing on my phone. Yesterday I managed 1200 words of dictation/handwriting and it felt amazing.

It really is a physical release that comes with telling the story that’s itching to crawl out of my head. That peace comes around the 500 word mark, which I haven’t been able to get as often as I want lately. But when I do… nirvana. My husband even says I’m nicer after a day of writing. I don’t say it’s because I take it all out on the characters, but it is.

The moral of this post is… keep on keepin’ on. And don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s achievements. There are people in my writing groups who are still hitting the high numbers I was putting up on the daily and I’m happy for them. Really. I just can’t wait til I’m one of them again.

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