Children of Time is Magical

Adrian Tchaikovsky is a genius.

There’s no way around it. Every moment of my reading journey through this book had me saying this exact phrase...sometimes out loud. In the middle of the night while my poor husband was trying to sleep.

As I’m probably super famous for by this point, I totally judge books by their covers. And this is an awesome cover. Since I’m all for a Sciency Fictiony tale, of course I had to drop whatever I was doing and read this book.

Going into this with absolutely no expectations was probably the best thing I could have done for this one. Knowing what I know now (and loving every second of it) I might not have read this if I had bothered to read the blurb. Or reviews. Or anything at all. I would have no thanks’d it right away.

Because this turned out to be completely not ‘my’ kind of sci-fi. But I loved it so much. If Amazon allowed you to give a bonus star, star++, this is one of the few books that would get it.

Now, going back to Amazon to review the book and get you some links, I found out that it’s the winner of the Arthur C. Clark Award for 2016, which makes total sense. So, if you weren’t going to take my word for it, maybe that will sway you a bit. Seriously, go read this book!

Anyway, since I’m not one for spoilers, I won’t tell you what I found out by reading this book. Or what I now consider a new favorite genre. But I will tell you the premise. If you want more, check out Adrian’s blurb here. And go ahead and buy the book while you’re at it!

The story starts at the launch a penultimate scientific experiment. At the brink of extinction, future Earthlings are about to ‘seed’ a budding humanoid planet with a substance that will speed up evolution. The theory is that they can come in at just the right time and be their leaders.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Well, for starters, one rebel in a very important position doesn’t want the launch to happen. So he tries to sabotage the reveal in the most epic way.

Chaos ensues.

Humanity’s very existence is threatened.

Sentient A.I. tries to save the day the only way it knows how.

Some other super cool/scary/weird/creepy stuff happens that I won’t tell you about.


Go. Buy. This. Book!

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