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I’m always on the lookout for free keyword tools when trying to market my novels. I stumbled on Yasiv a few months ago and it’s increased my brand power tremendously in that short amount of time.

This post will be a quick and dirty walkthrough of what Yasiv can offer. If you’re an author, this is going to be your favorite new tool. And if you’re a reader, you’ll have access to way more ‘connected’ books than you can read in a lifetime. It’s amazing. Yasiv works for anything, not just books. But for the intent of this piece, we’ll focus on those.

First, as you can see above, it’s a simple web-based search engine. Just type your keyword in the search bar and watch the magic happen. You can literally type anything and it will find books related to that word. I’m going to use my own searches for reference.

When I first tried to describe Epoch Earth to someone, I said it was “Life After People” – one of my favorite shows – and “The Fifth Wave.” So, when it came time to market the novel, I wanted to get on the same page as “The Fifth Wave” in Amazon’s algorithm.

Yasiv uses predictive text, so as soon as you start typing, you get tons of other keyword phrases related to the one you thought of on your own. Definitely go back and try them all. But, when you hit ‘enter’, that’s when the magic happens.

Now, there’s a beautiful graphic depiction of every book connected to The Fifth Wave. If you zoom in and out, you get a giant spider web of books to read or keywords to search. On the right panel is the the list of the most popular books related to your keyword. And everything’s clickable.

Here I clicked on the book in the spider web.

As you can see, the book categories are highlighted. As an author, if I want my books to be associated with this one, I need to hone in one those categories. As a reader, you know which keywords to specifically search on Amazon to find your new favorite book.

And here I scrolled down to see their blurb.

The bane of most authors’ existence is the blurb. So Yasiv is a great tool for seeing what worked for other authors, all in one place. Any one of these books with multiple arrows pointing to them has been referenced or linked to the others in some way. Maybe by keywords or genre. Maybe by ‘also boughts.’

I use Yasiv as a reader and a writer. I’m always finding new books to read based on my keyword searches. And Yasiv makes it easy. When I find one I like, I just click on the Amazon button under it and I’m ready to buy.

Of course, I had to search myself on here.

And I think it’s beautiful!

You know I had to show this to my mom!

Now, since my Great Glitch series is just starting out, I don’t have a million arrows like The Fifth Wave did. However, it’s still quite a thrill to see Epoch Earth and Epoch Gliese with their own spider webs. As the series grows – book 3 launches in August (shameless plug) – it will only gain momentum. Soon, my ‘also boughts’ on Amazon will start adding to the web. The authors who use my keywords as inspiration will link back to me and their readers will see my books, and vice versa.

I hope you found this post helpful. I’m always on the lookout for new tools and gizmos. And I love to share what I’ve learned with others. If you have a favorite resource that you can’t get enough of, please let me know. I’m sure I’ll love it, too!

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