My Ridiculously Long and Ridiculously Crazy Dictation Experiment - Part 1

I don’t know about you, but I do my best work under duress. Self-imposed duress, that is. If you tell me to shut up and do my work, ‘tain’t happ’nin. This is part one of my foray into a crazy dictation experiment.

Oh The Deadlines We Will Keep

In the real world, it’s more like this… but a lot less clean. Image by Herranderssvensson from Wikipedia

In a perfect world, this would be my writing space. Oh the tales I would tell.

Yet, somehow, I made deadlines. I fear them like the plague, but I don’t miss them.

One of the methods I use for high word counts, or end of the book freakouts, is dictation. It’s a habit I got into many years ago while ghostwriting. I would take on multiple projects that no sane person would claim to be able to complete, and get them done.

Now, a couple things have changed since then. One, I’m not so young and spunky anymore. Comes with the territory.

And two, I haven’t been able to get into the dictating groove with this series. I don’t really know why that is. I want to say it’s the crazy names and punctuations with their chip-to-chip transmissions. That can get pretty tedious to dictate, but it’s still just an excuse. Many fantasy authors with much crazier character names dictate just fine. And I want to be one of them again!

Now, I’ve dictated in the car a few times, half hour sprints here and there. Mostly lunch breaks. I’ve also had mini-sessions with a real set-up -- I love Dragon -- in my actual office.

But I’ve never been able to dig in and get some amazing word counts with dictation this time around. Until **fingers crossed** now.

Epoch Triom; Revolt is thiiiiiiis close to being done. I think I’m at 12k words, which means I’m probably at 15-16k. I tend to over write. If I can dictate the rest of this novel, I’ll be done way ahead of schedule. I’ll have plenty of time to finish the edits to the first half of the book while waiting on the editorial notes on this half. Such a simpler life than the last two deadlines.

The Plan

Now, I just so happen to be going on a road trip this afternoon. I have a crazy weekend round trip planned from South Carolina, to Florida, and back. That’s ten hours one way. Alone in my car.

I have everything I need to get this done:

  • Cooler of iced coffee and soda (thank you to my darling husband for that one)
  • Chips
  • Beef Jerky
  • Boiled Peanuts

Oh, sorry… writing supplies:

  • Voice recorder app
  • Printed outline (not that I need it or will be looking, except maybe gas/potty breaks)
  • Solitary confinement (i.e. removed all audiobooks and podcasts from my phone, and trying to catch radio stations in every little town is too irritating)

When I return home, I’ll load the audio file of my grand tale into Dragon and see how I did. Then, of course, I’ll tell you wonderful subscribers.

So, stay tuned for part two of this epic experiment that I’m inflicting on myself.

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